Great photos

Dan Sumption, my friend, took some great photos of our house!

Thanks Dan!!!

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Suppliers and other stuff

If you liked the look of what we did and who we got to do it and where from, look to the right hand side of this page, or click the link below:

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Our “Crapper!”

Grand Designs can’t include everything, and although we filmed at Hatfield Church and talked a lot about Thomas Crapper, the famous toilet man from Thorne (You did know he was from Thorne, right?), and filmed Kevin flushing it about 5 times, it sadly didn’t make the cut.

We love our crapper, so here it is!

1175348_10151884533995903_367894_n IMG_2523 1175036_10151878758475903_1588625177_n

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Announcing the launch of the “Gwindow”

We absolutely love our window / wall / door / canopy that Kevin McCloud christened the “Gwindow“.


We constructed ours from a steel hydraulic frame and then clad it with a beautifully constructed window by Graham Ball Joiners. We then had to solve all the issues needed to make it a residential quality, both aesthetically and functionally. We’re happy to say, we have achieved this, and couldn’t be happier. To the point where the team who made this happen want to be able to do this for other people.

Everyone who has seen our Gwindow working absolutely loves it, and Kevin McCloud proudly stated that “Everyone is going to want one of these!”

And now – YOU CAN!

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Rich Wilson, superstar builder…

We had a great team building our house, from our labourers to our architect, but we’ve got to say that Richard Wilson is our superstar!

I remember the point in time when I stood next to Rich on the gallery seating in the old cinema, staring through the auditorium down onto the floor which was a foot deep in pigeon pooh, and I asked him, “What do you reckon Rich? Could we do it…?”


There! There was the moment that made it happen. If Rich had said no, I’d have walked away. More importantly, there was the moment that Rich committed himself 100% to make it happen, and by God, did he make it happen!

Fearless, courageous, compassionate, respectful, tireless, committed to quality, no excuses and no prisoners, Rich has lead this project from the front and pulled and dragged everyone with him.


This wasn’t easy. No-one had ever done anything like this before. Rarely did a day pass where he was purely working in his comfort zone. Sometimes he was faced with us saying we wanted it to be X, the architect saying Y and him thinking Z, but we got through it. And because of this struggle, because we had different ideas, we made something beautiful.

There were tough days, but quite simply, Rich was tougher. It helps that he’s fit as a snake – in body and mind – and where I would desperately want to get a beer at the Windmill, Rich would have “just one more thing to finish off”.

Richard Wilson, you are an incredible man. If I can instil half of the work ethic you have in my children, I will be very proud of them.


You are our friend forever,

You are our superstar.

love Dylan, Jac, Kate and Gwyn

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Our Hydropool is cool!

Iain from Crightons Hydropool pulled out all the stops to make sure our pool was in to finish the house off for GD with style! Rich & his team worked around the clock to get our decking in as well.

We’ve been using it every day. It’s amazing for exercise, relaxation and just family fun. For the kids, it’s the best part of the house!

photo photo photo


The pool is just a big hot tub really, with jets you can swim against, so it’s tiny compared with a traditional pool, so running costs are kept low, but it’s hot all year round!

I promise to post up a photo of us using it in the snow!

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Matt Brewster’s art

The original, painted artwork in our lounge is by Matt Brewster. It’s called “Dancing to silence”. We think it’s beautiful, especially when you can see the brushstrokes.
18-09-12 (2012) mixed media on board (100 x 100cm)Although Jac & Dylan like to call it “woman with big butt”…

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Grand Designs

Apparently, unless something goes wrong, we’re the first programme on the new Series of Grand Designs

Wednesday September 4th at 9pm!

We’ll be watching it in our new home. In the projector room. Behind the sofa…


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In the news…

The Sunday Times

The Daily Mail

Some tasty comments under the Mail article! I’m just going to ignore the silly ones…

I’d just like to say THANK YOU! to all the amazingly nice and positive comments and emails people are sending us. What we value the most are the great things our friends and the community in Thorne are saying to us.

We really appreciate it.

Dylan, Jac, Kate and Gwyn

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Our Projector Room

It was always our plan to turn the old projector room (the one room at the top of our building) into a home cinema, but as you can imagine with a project like this, cash flow gets tight, and we just didn’t have the funds to get it ready for the final filming of Grand Designs.

Cue our new found hero, Richard Meadmore, from Sevenoaks Sound & Vision who along with Epson UK, Yamaha UK and Bowers & Wilkins amazingly supplied us with all the kit to make our new home a dream home!

Jim from AVID4u came round to do the install and made a great job integrating the kit with Gary’s already installed wiring.

We just managed to get the carpet in from Stainforth Carpets and put up Shelley’s beautiful curtains!

Job done!

We would really like to thank Richard and everyone who contributed to our home cinema. The faces on Jac and Dylan when they saw the room was priceless!

Thank you!

IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2438

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