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There was ‘no smoking’ stencilled onto the rewind room wall (where they used to rewind the old films) – not surprisingly! Then we smoked the place, and all we found was this….

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Friday morning, me and Rich are in the hallway, and he kicks the dust (which is about an inch thick all over), and sees a weird pattern on the floor. He scrapes away more, and we realise we’ve found something. We … Continue reading

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A ‘grand’ design

Yeah, so I sneaked an email out to Grand Designs ages ago, before we even got planning. I really didn’t think our plans were ‘grand’ enough! They replied saying they were interested, but we’d have to have planning permission before … Continue reading

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Sir Kev is our new best friend!

Loads to talk about but we’re all a bit overcome with it all at the moment, so we’re going out in Leeds tonight with our family to get back to normality! So, to summarise, the whole gallery seating came out, … Continue reading

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The projector room goes boom!

It’s sad that it wasn’t practical for us to keep the original projector room, but we need to rebuild it and add a new roof on. There will be coloured glass windows in the south wall inspired by the original … Continue reading

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So, Kate really didn’t want to do it, but when I accidentally let slip to the kids that they could be on the telly, erm…. sorry about that Kate. It was an accident. Honest. So the Grand Designs crew have … Continue reading

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What are we doing?

Seems like I’ve been asked this question a MILLION times over the last few days, in all contexts! Right now, there’s so many aspects to this answer, and I want to record my thoughts on this now, so we can … Continue reading

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Demolition progress

Wow! The guys from DSR don’t mess about do they? The roof is now completely off, the side walls have come down a level (we’re leaving 3m of the side walls for our garden, and building the rest of it … Continue reading

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Camera Crew

What’s this? Jac and Dylan seem to have formed their own production crew and are filming our build progress. But for who?

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Demolition of the southern wall

I’ve got to say, although the auditorium was always up for demolition, and the conservation people said it didn’t add anything to the area, I did feel a little sad that we were destroying part of a building that served … Continue reading

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