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Rich Wilson, superstar builder…

We had a great team building our house, from our labourers to our architect, but we’ve got to say that Richard Wilson is our superstar! I remember the point in time when I stood next to Rich on the gallery … Continue reading

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Our Hydropool is cool!

Iain from Crightons Hydropool pulled out all the stops to make sure our pool was in to finish the house off for GD with style! Rich & his team worked around the clock to get our decking in as well. … Continue reading

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Matt Brewster’s art

The original, painted artwork in our lounge is by Matt Brewster. It’s called “Dancing to silence”. We think it’s beautiful, especially when you can see the brushstrokes. Although Jac & Dylan like to call it “woman with big butt”…

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Grand Designs

Apparently, unless something goes wrong, we’re the first programme on the new Series of Grand Designs Wednesday September 4th at 9pm! We’ll be watching it in our new home. In the projector room. Behind the sofa… Aaaargh!

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In the news…

The Sunday Times The Daily Mail Some tasty comments under the Mail article! I’m just going to ignore the silly ones… I’d just like to say THANK YOU! to all the amazingly nice and positive comments and emails people are … Continue reading

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Our Projector Room

It was always our plan to turn the old projector room (the one room at the top of our building) into a home cinema, but as you can imagine with a project like this, cash flow gets tight, and we … Continue reading

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A bit more history

Found this link: Nice to know it was on the market for £245,000 and I got it for £90,000 !

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Shelly’s finishing touches…

We were really struggling with our interior finishes until, by recommendation, Shelly Horridge of Aspire Interiors came to our rescue! Shelly has done our window box seat, lush velvet bed head as well as all our curtains and blinds. She … Continue reading

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Heroes of the month!

Rich, Paul and Gary worked fastidiously to get our decking round our pool ready for the shoot the next day. Beyond the call of duty, they worked until the job was done. No excuses! Guys! We salute you! Your golden … Continue reading

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A few more glimpses…

We’ve now moved in, and gradually finishing off the details. It was a bit like camping for the first few days, and then stressful when you’re trying to live normally while the builders are still in your house! Anyway, it’s … Continue reading

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