A few more glimpses…

We’ve now moved in, and gradually finishing off the details. It was a bit like camping for the first few days, and then stressful when you’re trying to live normally while the builders are still in your house!

Anyway, it’s sort of settling down now, but then we’ve got the final Grand Designs filming next week, so we’re scrambling to get everything finished!

Here’s a few more pics of our lovely home…













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5 Responses to A few more glimpses…

  1. Rhun ap Harri says:

    Its all very good Gwynfor and Katie Jo!

    I think you may need a Cleaner and a Gardener though!
    Its a big place!

    I’ll cut the grass for sure!

    Well done you two!


  2. nicola atick says:

    Looks amazing!!

  3. Jill says:

    Absolutely fab!! We are also in the throes of doing up an old barn, just to make matters worse we live in Asia so doing it all via emails and pics.. Very stressfuland everything takes soooooooo long, and sadly when a descion is needed immediately and choices to be made we are an 8hr time difference and 14hr flight away hmm

    Meanwhile where did ur lovely multi bulb light come from ..I want I want I want

    • Gwyn ap Harri says:

      HI Jill, we got the bulbs, holders and wire from http://www.historiclighting.co.uk and got our local steel fabricator to make the base, sprayed it up and our electrician fitted it. It was pretty easy once we’d worked out what we were going to do, and compared to an off the peg product, was really good value!

  4. plaster mix says:

    There is certainly a lot to learn about this subject. I love all of the points you’ve made.

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