All we wanted was a bigger garden…

Yeah… we’ve said to lots of people that the main reason we wanted to move from our existing house is that we wanted a bigger garden for our kids to run around in, and it’s absolutely true! To find ourselves doing what we’re doing is a consequence of that one thing.

So, when it came to garden design, we asked our good friend, Cheri LaMay from Earthworks to design it for us. And here it is…

WP_001144 (1) WP_001147 WP_001154Cheri was really understanding about how we wanted to approach things, and we did a number of iterations, which was great. So, we’re doing it all in a phased approach, where we get the minimum done first, so we can live with the design and grow our garden organically over time. This means the garden won’t be ‘finished’ when we move in, but Kate and her dad will be able to make it bit by bit over time, when they want.

The front drive will be stunning in it’s minimalism (it’s almost done now!) and the back garden will develop into the stunning vision that Cheri has helped us get to.

Thanks Cheri! You can contact Cheri by clicking here….


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