Announcing the launch of the “Gwindow”

We absolutely love our window / wall / door / canopy that Kevin McCloud christened the “Gwindow“.


We constructed ours from a steel hydraulic frame and then clad it with a beautifully constructed window by Graham Ball Joiners. We then had to solve all the issues needed to make it a residential quality, both aesthetically and functionally. We’re happy to say, we have achieved this, and couldn’t be happier. To the point where the team who made this happen want to be able to do this for other people.

Everyone who has seen our Gwindow working absolutely loves it, and Kevin McCloud proudly stated that “Everyone is going to want one of these!”

And now – YOU CAN!

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5 Responses to Announcing the launch of the “Gwindow”

  1. Heather shepherd says:

    I need some advice on your gwindow . Can I call you if so can I have a contact telephone number.


  2. Rebecca says:

    I am from Zambia, and watched this episode with fascination. Concrete blocks and cement work are the way most houses here are done, so watching a poured concrete home was fascinating. The “gwindow ” takes a long time to open, but is otherwise very beautiful!. Absolutely lovely.

  3. Nicholas Garwolinski says:

    The website returns an error. Is there an updated link for the gwindow?

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