ok, so the rebar drawings came, and we ordered it, and it took two weeks to make, so we only got going around last Thursday! Looking at my last post, that’s three weeks after we thought we would start! Time just slips away, but we’re not losing any money waiting.

So, we’ve motored on and the footings are being dug out, no dramas, and if you look at the photos below, you can see how lucky we are with the existing footings going way down! That’s saved us thousands, and think of all the time we would have spent underpinning the walls…

And we’ve finally ADDED something rather than taken away, all be it a pool of concrete with two bars stuck out, still, it’s a start!

The first NEW bit!

How deep?

Preparing the footings

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  1. rhunap43 says:

    Brilliant Gwynfor and Gang! This is the essential bit of the whole thing.

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  6. http://www./ says:

    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. http://www./ says:

    Ain’t testosterone grand? Next thing you know you’ll be trying to see how fast you can get a charcoal grill lighted with liquid oxygen.Keep up the good work. You’re reaising those boys right.

  9. Michelle Fuller – I love these, especially the ones with the cake, very cute, I love your eye for detail. You are so very talented. Very beautiful family.God Bless,Michelle

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