Today, I visited Hydroswing Ltd in Preston. I agreed with Dan and Marshal that we would work together to realise our hydraulic window / door / canopy that people are calling the ‘Gwyndow’ (not that I came up with it, or that I am SO egotistical! It just rhymes!)

I was blown away with their passion for their product, eye for detail and honesty about the process.

It’s the first time technology like this is being used in a home, it’s normally agricultural or in aviation, so they will be working closely with our architects to get the full details right.

For me, I’ll be getting a cool feature (bi-fold doors? give me a break!), hopefully both beautiful, practical and cost effective. For them, this will provide a way of launching a breakthrough product into the domestic market…

…if they get it right! Aargh!!! I’m positive they will! Anyway, here are some images to show you our journey…

We knew we would have a big window area at the back of the house, so Jem showed me this picture…

Dana and Jem found a gallery in London that we visited that rather than pivot, it hinged and used hydraulics. I then googled hydraulic doors (like you do…) and found the guys in Preston, who have done loads, but normally a LOT bigger! like this….

The nearest domestic setting they’ve done is this canopy on a gite in France…

So, good luck guys!


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  1. rhunap43 says:

    It has to ‘be’ Gwyn and Kate! for you and Grand Designs! Who will go bonkers with it I guess! It will be sensational.

    I can imagine Dylan and Jac impressing their friends by flicking the switch to ‘ Fancy football Lads? Let’s go outside, hang on just a second!!’ Bzzzzz, Gwyndow opens, haha!

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