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  1. steve says:

    Hi Gwyn, Just looked over the proposed plans, had a wee smile to myself when I saw the “cinema” room. So it will be a picture house once again all beit with a smaller screen and a reduced audience. Will the frontage be seen from the road once the project is finished ?

    Regards Steve.

  2. Gwyn ap Harri says:

    yeah, the frontage will be completely restored and made into a nice drive with wall / railings so it’ll be on full display from the street.

    you’ve GOT to have a cinema room in a cinema haven’t you?

  3. steve says:

    Hi Gwyn, mmm so thats why you didnt reply to my suggestion about Grand Designs, it was already in the pipeline lol. look forward to the programme, hope Mr Macloud doesnt talk you into using “Fired Earth” paint that he endorses, its very expensive.
    Hope its all going to plan.
    Regards Steve.

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