Our Builder

Richard Wilson is our builder.

He’s a good friend of ours and our neighbour.

He’s built our current house on Foundry View, the whole of Waverley Court in Thorne and he is currently finishing off his own new house in Belton before starting on Kensington House.

Richard Wilson is our builder!


2 Responses to Our Builder

  1. Marc Morris says:


    could you please tell me what type of blasting was used during your process?



  2. Paulette says:

    2017 and I saw your story for the 2nd time here in Brisbane Australia on a repeat of Grand Designs. The 1st time I viewed this story was in the Kensington Estate in Brookfield (Brisbane). It is wonderful that you’ve saved the Kensington Picture Theatre in Thorne. I have great admiration for your Builder – who realised your dream – you must have had a wonderful relationship to be able to take on such a project and have such faith in each other.


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