Our “Crapper!”

Grand Designs can’t include everything, and although we filmed at Hatfield Church and talked a lot about Thomas Crapper, the famous toilet man from Thorne (You did know he was from Thorne, right?), and filmed Kevin flushing it about 5 times, it sadly didn’t make the cut.

We love our crapper, so here it is!

1175348_10151884533995903_367894_n IMG_2523 1175036_10151878758475903_1588625177_n

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    I have dreamt of a house like this for years!..concrete floors, concrete walls just what I wanted…………..I would have kept more of the old cinema in the front and incorporated the concrete………..but IT IS AMAZING AND I LOVE THE HUGE WALL AROUND THE HOME………and everything it is my taste completely very South AFRICAN design , as I am from S.A and live in London in a tiny one bed house it was hell trying to get a modern kitchen and concrete he was not even consider for the floor! ..you 2 have great taste and I WISH YOU YEARS OF HAPPINESS…I am so jealous********************chez


    IF I EVER TRAVEL TO THORNE , I will be outside looking………………!!well done

  3. I just love the house, it is my taste, I have dreamt of A CONCRETE FLOOR FOR YEARS and the concrete walls are incredible. I would have kept more of the old cinema as that is a thing of beauty……..and worked it into the CONCRETE. I do not like the lift door as it is too slow. the design is very SOUTH AFRICAN and as I am rom S.A. I love modern/huge windows and natural colours AND YOUR HOUSE DISPLAYS ALL THIS, the tall bookcase is what I have in my tiny one bed house in London. ir was so painful doing a tiny kitchen in this tiny flat, I wanted concrete the guy would not do it……………….to get PLAIN modern was hard in S. LONDON… SO I AM SO JEALOUS*****not really I wish you the BEST IN YOUR GREAT HOME…..
    you have put THORNE on the map, I had never heard of this tiny place………****

  4. Glenn says:

    Isn’t that the floor of your school toilet room? Love your home, well done!!!!

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