Our Hydropool is cool!

Iain from Crightons Hydropool pulled out all the stops to make sure our pool was in to finish the house off for GD with style! Rich & his team worked around the clock to get our decking in as well.

We’ve been using it every day. It’s amazing for exercise, relaxation and just family fun. For the kids, it’s the best part of the house!

photo photo photo


The pool is just a big hot tub really, with jets you can swim against, so it’s tiny compared with a traditional pool, so running costs are kept low, but it’s hot all year round!

I promise to post up a photo of us using it in the snow!

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3 Responses to Our Hydropool is cool!

  1. It’s never a chore when you’re dealing with nice people! Glad you’re all enjoying it – awesome house – awesome swim spa – a perfect match. 🙂

  2. grainne kelly says:

    Great photos. What are the running costs like? Is it similar to having a hot tub (which we found to be approx 1.50stg per day plus 7.50per day to reheat if we switch it off.

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