A bit more history

Found this link:


Nice to know it was on the market for £245,000 and I got it for £90,000 !

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Shelly’s finishing touches…

We were really struggling with our interior finishes until, by recommendation, Shelly Horridge of Aspire Interiors came to our rescue!

Shelly has done our window box seat, lush velvet bed head as well as all our curtains and blinds. She is one of those people you can’t do without, and has helped us massively with our decisions. Priceless. An absolute hero who managed to turn around fantastic quality under pressure.

Thank you ever so much Shelly!

Shelly can be contacted by emailing her at aspireinteriors@hotmail.com or phoning her on 01302 886485 / 07791 068207

IMG_2434 IMG_2447 IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2450

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Heroes of the month!

Rich, Paul and Gary worked fastidiously to get our decking round our pool ready for the shoot the next day.

Beyond the call of duty, they worked until the job was done. No excuses!

Guys! We salute you!

Your golden wristbands await….


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A few more glimpses…

We’ve now moved in, and gradually finishing off the details. It was a bit like camping for the first few days, and then stressful when you’re trying to live normally while the builders are still in your house!

Anyway, it’s sort of settling down now, but then we’ve got the final Grand Designs filming next week, so we’re scrambling to get everything finished!

Here’s a few more pics of our lovely home…













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Carl Lindley Decorator

Carl has been a great part of the team, quietly transforming a building into a home, tirelessly decorating our house from top to bottom.

From the seamless white walls and staircase, to the rich but light stain of the iroko doors, Carl has patiently and fastidiously applied his finishing touches.

Thank you Carl!

You can contact Carl by email on carllindley@live.co.uk

IMG_2228 IMG_2235 IMG_2436

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A bit of a difference…

Facade dissolve from Gwyn ap Harri on Vimeo.

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A few glimpses…

We’ve got a week to our moving in date. My birthday, 27th July!

Here are a few glimpses of what our new home looks like….

IMG_2115 IMG_2125 IMG_2228 IMG_2235 IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2239 IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2242

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Things that have really worked for us…

We’re nearly ready to move in now, maybe a week or so. I can’t believe how beautiful the house is, at least to me. I’ve been thinking about all the things we’ve done and especially the things that have really worked for us.

Trust. We’ve chosen to work with people we trust. Because they’re friends, or they’ve been recommended. Hardly anyone has let us down, and if things didn’t go quite right, they were there to make it right.

Courage. We’ve never done anything like this before, and we’ve been extremely brave to do things that aren’t the normal way, and now we can see the pay off.

Simplicity. We’ve gone for a sort of minimalism, which I like to call simplicity. Some things may be considered traditional, others modern, but for me, it’s simplicity. We’ve used a small palette of materials throughout the house, and it pulls everything together.

Just in time design. You can never really decide that something is right until you can see it, and that’s quite hard when building a house as it’s very sequential, but we’ve tried to be flexible and been ok with deciding things just as we need to, and this has worked really well for us.

The temperature inside the house is great, and that was something we really worried about. We thought we’d have to put up loads of blinds to keep the south facing sun out, but because of the concrete acting as a thermal mass, and the Guardian glass, the temperature is really cool.

We’ve used local craftsmen, and they’ve become part of the team and we’re always asking them, “if this was your house, what would you do?” – and these people show so much pride in their work, our house is their CV.

We’ve used local suppliers, and they’ve been great, and really understanding when we’ve been waiting for a mortgage payment. I’ve got to say that Spinks have been outstanding in their service, competitiveness, helpfulness and understanding. We got everything from our bricks, underfloor heating system and our beautiful bathrooms from them. They have been immense.

Finally, we can’t start to explain how overwhelmingly great the encouragement and complements are that we get from our community in Thorne. It’s so nice, it really is. Thank you.

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As our open living space is basically a concrete box, we needed something to stop it being an echo chamber, so we’ve made some baffles which we’ve stuck to the ceiling, meaning we’ve left the ceiling as the raw, unfinished concrete…. as you do.

We constructed them out of rough cut pine and Kate stained them over the weekend, then Rich fitted them with a scissor lift.

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Hero of the Month

Luke ‘the brick’ Arnold has helped us build our house in many ways, and not just building and repairing our brickwork. He has laid our concrete floor and done all the drainage as well. Here’s a picture of Luke ‘the pipe’ Arnold, Hero of the month. Rumours of Luke laying his pipe all over Thorne are greatly exaggerated…


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