Rich Wilson, superstar builder…

We had a great team building our house, from our labourers to our architect, but we’ve got to say that Richard Wilson is our superstar!

I remember the point in time when I stood next to Rich on the gallery seating in the old cinema, staring through the auditorium down onto the floor which was a foot deep in pigeon pooh, and I asked him, “What do you reckon Rich? Could we do it…?”


There! There was the moment that made it happen. If Rich had said no, I’d have walked away. More importantly, there was the moment that Rich committed himself 100% to make it happen, and by God, did he make it happen!

Fearless, courageous, compassionate, respectful, tireless, committed to quality, no excuses and no prisoners, Rich has lead this project from the front and pulled and dragged everyone with him.


This wasn’t easy. No-one had ever done anything like this before. Rarely did a day pass where he was purely working in his comfort zone. Sometimes he was faced with us saying we wanted it to be X, the architect saying Y and him thinking Z, but we got through it. And because of this struggle, because we had different ideas, we made something beautiful.

There were tough days, but quite simply, Rich was tougher. It helps that he’s fit as a snake – in body and mind – and where I would desperately want to get a beer at the Windmill, Rich would have “just one more thing to finish off”.

Richard Wilson, you are an incredible man. If I can instil half of the work ethic you have in my children, I will be very proud of them.


You are our friend forever,

You are our superstar.

love Dylan, Jac, Kate and Gwyn

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3 Responses to Rich Wilson, superstar builder…

  1. Rich says:

    Thanks Gwyn
    It was an honour to help build your new home,
    Gwyn Kate Jac Dylan ENJOY

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  3. debra boucher says:

    Hi Gwyn,

    Just wondering if you were still in touch/ had contact details for Richard Wilson? I used to own a local estate agency and did a lot of business with him. We are looking to do a lot of work to our own house and would like to speak to him regarding the project.

    Many thanks if you can help.

    Debra Boucher

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