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If you liked the look of what we did and who we got to do it and where from, look to the right hand side of this page, or click the link below:

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  1. Alan Cartwright says:

    Great House can you plse give me the name of the company who built you luft up glass door ? Thanks Alan

  2. Chris Mumford says:

    I watched the Grand Designs prgramme on your property and thought it was totally fab. The concrete does look really good but if you want a decent picture in your cinema room get rid of the white walls and get a curtain over the large windows. The walls don’t have to be black but for the real cinema experience white does not work. So much light will bounce off the white walls back onto the screen and wash out the image. There is a good reason why you never see white walls in Odeons etc etc. I have mid brown wallpaper and while it is not super dark the picture on my screen is very nice. And lets be honest you have spent a fair bit on the screening room so should want to get the best from it. Oh and your centre speaker should be off the floor so that the dialogue comes through near to ear level. It will sound much better for not being on the floor. My cinema is also my lounge so having a separate cinema room is really nice and the best should be made of it.

  3. Benjamin Beauregard says:

    Congrats a beautiful project!
    You must be very proud!
    I watched the tv show grand desing, and was curious about the plastic that you sprayed on the roof.
    Could you let me know what it is plz?
    Thk’s in advance!

  4. richard BREWSTER says:

    your property came up on Knauf website for using Knauf Aquapanel exterior render carrier board. Is this correct?
    Cant see any reference to Knauf products in the text.

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