Terrazzo part 2

well, it’s not good news folks.

while I was away in America, the Terrazzo floor got ripped up. I couldn’t bear to see it go…!

why? well, loads of reasons really, and on balance, it’s the best thing to do for our new house. It was never a conservation project, it’s a new family house made out of an old cinema, and keeping the terrazzo posed us a lot of problems, expense and continual ineffectiveness.

The terrazzo was cast directly onto earth. There was no way of insulating it from the ground, or heating it from below. This means that the entrance hall would effectively be a massive heatsink, sucking all the heat directly into the ground. So, while we were making the rest of the house super insulated, and super efficient, we’d have this heat black hole sat in the heart of our house.

To keep it, we were faced with a £6,000 repair job, and the fact that we’d have to install radiators just for the entrance hall meant we’d have to have TWO gas boilers! one for the underfloor, and one for the radiators.

It’s one of those decisions you can only make once, and you can’t go back to it, but this means we’ll have a beautiful, fully insulated and underfloor heated entrance hall. We’re replacing it with a polished aggregate floor, which is what terrazzo is anyway, so again we can still justify the build as a re-imagining of what used to be there.

What I do know is that when we made the decision, everyone felt relieved. I’m sure when the new floor goes down, we won’t regret it either.

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2 Responses to Terrazzo part 2

  1. rhunap43 says:

    Yeah that was the right decision Gwynfor! Well done.

  2. chad says:

    I can speak for having a heat sink as a house, best avoided.

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