The render is on!

Well, after waiting since November for a gap in the weather, the render is finally on and finished! Kieran and the lads have done a brilliant job, we can’t be happier.

This now means that we can get the cladding on, the roof cappings and the balustrade, to finish the outside. Then the scaffolding can come down! Well excited…

You can contact Kieran Taylor on 07593 405120 – highly recommended!

The external wall build up is by Knauf and is built up from a timber frame with a concrete board, then their silicone render system.

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2 Responses to The render is on!

  1. Jill says:

    Congratulations on all your hard work, a wonderful project. Your home is the talk of the Town, its fantastic for you and the people of Thorne. When will the show be aired on Grand Designs,
    Once again, well done to you all.

  2. Gwyn ap Harri says:

    Thanks Jill, really appreciate it.

    The story of our house will be on the new series of Grand Designs this autumn.

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