Virtue Electrical Engineering

Gary Brown of Virtue Electrical Engineering is doing all our electrical work, including power, lighting, audio-visual, thermostat control, burglar alarm, fire alarm etc – everything.

What I like best about Gary is the amount of time and advice he brings when deciding exactly what to do. I can geek out with Gary!

Kate and I didn’t want a fully automated house where you have to switch a light on using your iPhone etc. We want to interact with our house! But we also want the ability to have HD TV and high speed internet in every room, and with Gary, we’ve worked out a great value scheme to have it how we want it.

I guess the best thing to show is the development of our AV cupboard in the projector room (our ‘cinema room’ is the original room where the cinema projector lived, and we’ve recreated the old projector room holes as windows in the wall – so that is what those three little weird windows are!).

We’re onto second fix now, and it all looks like it’s going to work perfectly!

You can contact Gary at

IMG_1943 IMG_1955 IMG_1956

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  1. Great project.

    Have pinched a few of the suppliers names for our own. slightly lesser version, that we start shortly

    Good luck

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