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…oh, and one last thing…

Click here to see LOADS of pics of our holiday and enjoy the gite run through below… Can’t be bothered to type up the restaurants in the woods, poo2 (the gite got blocked up by Kate’s lady things…) and other adventures, so next time you see me, just ask… Till next time…. Gwyn, Kate, Jac [...]

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Kate puked up all day on the ferry. Then, when we got in the camper, we noticed we’d left the very small light on that comes on when you open the door. Battery was flat. So we got a push off, and immediately the noise started again. I thought I’d get out of the port and pull [...]

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A twenty minute jaunt to the ferry turned into a stressful nightmare when first all the lights were on red in the middle of Bilbao FOR EVER and we’d decided to risk it and bomb over to the Guggenheim this morning. THEN! OMFG! There was a horrendous noise in the back of the camper. It [...]



Struggling to update the blog till I get home! At the gite, I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself to blog. Any spare time was spent keeping up with footy and cricket and angry birds (the best 59p I’ve ever spent!) I’ve written some stuff but can’t get it all uploaded so I’ll just [...]

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Dylan is 3!

Sunday, we picked up Pat & Pete from the airport in the camper and moved into our new home for the week. On Monday, it was Dylan’s birthday. We’d hid his presents in the spare wheel arch in the boot. This space normally holds the van spare parts and tools, but I’d bought a new [...]


Vite! To the Gite!

Yeehaaa!!! The Saturday morning at the hotel in Narbonne made us realise we didn’t want another couple of weeks camping or indeed staying in a hotel room. So I googled gites de France, got about 5 listed and of those, we needed a swimming pool, but most had one or no photos, were expensive or [...]


The whole thing

Why do we do things? And why don’t we do things? It seems as we get older, we buy into comfortable. In everything. Our friends, our family, our profession. Yet everything I know about my science, learning, tells me we need to take risks to learn. It’s pretty obvious really, we need to do things [...]


Where are we?

Well? I’ve geotagged all these posts but how do you find out where we are? Here’s a clue!


Fun sur la plage

Well, we got kicked out of the hotel as it was full. So we wandered down to the beach and found a nice campsite 5 mins from the sea. Well, that’s a French 5 mins without two hot baby boys refusing to walk in the desert sun – unless there was a football in front [...]



Oh, forgot to say… Dylan did a poo on the hotel floor in reception. He just ran up to Kate and said, mummy! I done poo! And there it was. Now I’m not sure what happened then because there was the poo just sat there in plain sight, but no one either saw it or [...]