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Oh, forgot to say… Dylan did a poo on the hotel floor in reception. He just ran up to Kate and said, mummy! I done poo! And there it was. Now I’m not sure what happened then because there was the poo just sat there in plain sight, but no one either saw it or [...]

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Narbonne was nice, but the beer at the hotel was awesome. Jac and Dylan played on Toy Story 3 xbox while me and Kate gulped grande bierres. We dipped in the pool before heading oot roond toon. The meal we had was shite and I refused to pay for mine. I’d ordered calamari salad and [...]

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Made it!

We finally got to the south coast Mediterranean sea yesterday mid day. We weren’t sure where we were stopping, so we just headed to a campsite that looked nice. It took us to Vias which is like Filey if it was in Vegas. We stopped at the beach for a couple of hours then headed [...]

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Gorgeous Du Tarn

Stopped for three nights in the Gorge du Tarn in a little village called La Rozier. It was absolutely beautiful. Winding down a TomTom special small road from 1121m high into the valley had Jac declaring he wanted to cry as it was the most awesomist campsite ever. This was 6 miles from the actual [...]

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