Kate puked up all day on the ferry. Then, when we got in the camper, we noticed we’d left the very small light on that comes on when you open the door.

Battery was flat.

So we got a push off, and immediately the noise started again.

I thought I’d get out of the port and pull over, but as we turned a corner, I got a massive shout from one of the port guys, so I pulled over (but didn’t switch the engine off)

The rear wheel was about to fly off, and four (out of five) nuts had come off…

It could have flown off at any time!!! I fixed the wheel and got another bump start!

I knew the oil was low, but I needed to charge the battery, so I pressed on. I was running out of petrol, so went off course to get some. I wanted to check the oil but I couldn’t do it at the pump (there was a queue – I should have just done it, I know) But the camper started ok!

So I carried on more, and when I thought I’d got enough charge to start the camper again, I checked the oil. Bone dry.

So I filled the oil up, we had a full tank of petrol, four wheels and got home last night just after 11pm



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  • Yer Dad ap

    Sep 3rd, 2010

    Well done Gwynfor!!
    Lucky escape that!!
    Just shows that even a nut can save four lives.
    (get it?) Haha – meant in the best possible taste!

    Well done VW – again.

    Hope Kate is better.