Disaster! Turn around now!!

Well, when my phone had “no service” when on the ferry, I had to seriously consider if this was a mission critical failure.

Luckily, I had downloaded tomtom western europe yesterday, so I had all the maps already on my phone, but if I couldn’t do my blog and pick up my email, was the trip worth it? After all, who would believe me if I couldn’t prove it?

After about 30 seconds, I’d worked out various work arounds so we could press on.

Stopped at a lovely 4 star (?) camp site south of Reims, dodged the rain and jumped in the pool avec curly slide, displaying for the first time my adidas spray on trunks. We got a show from the local chavs. They were like street runners only in a kiddy pool. They impressed their under age girlfriends anyway, and Kate liked their g star raw white see through under crackers.

A stroke of genius and the impending rain made us not put everything out as it pissed it down all night.

We pressed on today through the rain and tonight we’re camping municipal near Vichy, and we seem to have beaten the rain, next to a river and a lovely small town.

If I can work out how to swap sims to use kate’s connection, I may just be able to enjoy this holiday after all…

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  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 15th, 2010

    It all looks very good to me – the sun will come out I am sure!!

    Is that 2 CV jumping for joy in the background??!!

    Best wishes from Wales!

    Yer Dad XXXX