Narbonne was nice, but the beer at the hotel was awesome. Jac and Dylan played on Toy Story 3 xbox while me and Kate gulped grande bierres. We dipped in the pool before heading oot roond toon.

The meal we had was shite and I refused to pay for mine. I’d ordered calamari salad and it came with more batter than, well, let’s keep it family friendly hey?

Got back to hotel, more beers, and now it’s 6 in the morning and I’ve no idea what we’re going to do today or where we’re going to stay.

The hotel is full tonight and we’re worn out from camping and travelling.

I’m at a hotel and I can’t sleep. Go figure.

Still, it’s free wi fi and gites de France looks tempting. Apparently I’ve got till 11.37am to work something out for the next 11 nights…

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  • bronny sister

    Aug 20th, 2010

    What are ya gonna do Gwig ?

  • Gwyn stop stressing, anything with a big bath, pool, proper bed, wardrobe for my clothes, fridge, and washer machine will be fine…… Lol. Xx