Fun sur la plage

Well, we got kicked out of the hotel as it was full.

So we wandered down to the beach and found a nice campsite 5 mins from the sea. Well, that’s a French 5 mins without two hot baby boys refusing to walk in the desert sun – unless there was a football in front of them.

I had to explain to Kate that boys had different kinds of energy. Walking energy is of a premium and has to be used sparingly and only in emergencies. Football energy however is in abundance and can be used whenever you want.

It was a great patch of beach, quite isolated from the hordes, and shallow enough for both kids to paddle in and chase the fish while we took it in turns to swim out into the Mediterranean.

Had a nice dinner on the campsite but when we were recommended the fruit salad and got Fruitini for €8, again we had to stand up for ourselves.

Kate swore blind the owner who was being sacked apparently (he got a waiter to write “dole” on a piece of paper) was going to track us down and axe us up because he refunded us from his own pocket. So she kept guard while I snored the night away.

After three days on the coast, we travelled in land to our last minute destination for the next week, a small village just north of Carcassonne…

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