The whole thing

Why do we do things? And why don’t we do things? It seems as we get older, we buy into comfortable. In everything. Our friends, our family, our profession.

Yet everything I know about my science, learning, tells me we need to take risks to learn. It’s pretty obvious really, we need to do things we haven’t done before to learn it. This often means stepping out of our “comfort” zones and feeling anxious, nervous, scared, even if there’s really nothing to be worried about, like y’know, nothing REALLY bad is actually going to happen.

And I think theses feelings wear you down a bit, and it makes you not want to do new things.

I read in a book once, don’t do things because of your ego, and don’t not do things because you’re scared, which is a pretty good measure to keep you in check, but why do new things at all?

Well, I for one don’t want to stop learning, and that means taking risks. It’s not that I want to learn French, or motor mechanics, or get my scout badge for extreme camping – I want us to learn to be the best family we can be, and this trip exposes us, and we have to learn to deal with the things that “comfortable” papers over.

That’s what I want to learn.

Because if we are to be together forever, until death us do part, I want my family to be great.

And we are learning, and we are doing brilliantly, discovering what we like and dislike, how to manage as a team, managing emotions, having to be organised when both me and Kate aren’t naturally organised (and that’s being diplomatic), what we need to change when we get home, our hopes and aspirations, communicating better and more honestly with each other, loads of things.

And out of the four of us, two are taking everything in their stride, enjoying every minute of this journey, whether it’s a rough campsite or posh hotel. Jac and Dylan are just smiling and laughing all the way.

So if we have to travel to France in a 30 year old tin can to find out who we really are, then so be it.

So be it.

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