Vite! To the Gite!


The Saturday morning at the hotel in Narbonne made us realise we didn’t want another couple of weeks camping or indeed staying in a hotel room.

So I googled gites de France, got about 5 listed and of those, we needed a swimming pool, but most had one or no photos, were expensive or were just a phone number.

One however was massive and had beautiful photos and rather expensive.

I rang on the off chance. This week apparently is end of season, and because the gite was so big, they could close off the top half of it and offered it to me at a reasonable price. And after only spending 10-20€ a night camping, it was the perfect result.


Kate mentioned it to her mum and after serious negotiations, they decided to fly out!

So here we are, in a renovated drapery factory in a massive gite, big family all together.

It’s fantastic!

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  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 24th, 2010

    Well – Why wasn’t I invited?


  • Can you get cheap flights from Aberystwyth to carcassonne?

  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 25th, 2010

    No but I can match getting to anywhere cheap just like anyone.
    If I am invited.


  • I invite you!

    Are you coming?

    Ring me if you are!

  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 25th, 2010

    The moment has gone.


  • bronny sister

    Aug 27th, 2010

    and we weren’t invited either !
    looks beaut… shall we gatecrash ap ??!