Dylan is 3!

Sunday, we picked up Pat & Pete from the airport in the camper and moved into our new home for the week.

On Monday, it was Dylan’s birthday. We’d hid his presents in the spare wheel arch in the boot. This space normally holds the van spare parts and tools, but I’d bought a new tool bag, so we had a hidden stash. Now that Dylan has his pressies, I wonder what we can hide on the return journey…

Dylan got Woody from Toy Story and he decided to share his birthday with Jac which was very nice of him (we’d bought Jac Buzz Lightyear so they could play together, so it all worked out well)

We did a trip to the hypermarket in the camper which is running sweeeet and decided to be adventurous and got steak, scollops and baby squid to put on the BBQ. Out of the three, the potatoes and tomato salad was nice. Ugh! Shows how good Donny Market actually is!

The birthday cake didn’t disappoint though. It was a chocolate Viennetta!

A few fireworks rounded off a great birthday.

I asked Dylan what the best thing was about his birthday, and he said nanny and grandad coming…

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  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 25th, 2010

    Well done Dylan!
    You had a great day!!

    Love from your other Grand Daddy.
    Who was not there.


  • happy birthday dylan. Love chad, mick, emily and william XXXX

  • bronny sister

    Aug 27th, 2010

    oh my babe godson. I think Lili still has Jessie, so you can all play together when you get back. HAve the boys seen Toy Story 4 ? It’s out now. Let’s go. x