Struggling to update the blog till I get home!

At the gite, I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself to blog.

Any spare time was spent keeping up with footy and cricket and angry birds (the best 59p I’ve ever spent!)

I’ve written some stuff but can’t get it all uploaded so I’ll just have to do it when I get home!

Just to say, spent yesterday with Steve and Abby in Montrejeau – they came to the gite as well

Now, I’m laying on a bed in a nice hotel in Bilbao, 500m away from the Guggenheim…

Tomorrow, we catch the ferry to Portsmouth.

Camper going well! Got to post a “poo 2″ story as well. Got 48 (update-47) bottles of wine in the back…

The best of times….

Gwyn xxxxxxxxxx

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  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 31st, 2010

    AHH! There you are!
    Wondering where you had got to!

    Safe journey home boyos!!