A twenty minute jaunt to the ferry turned into a stressful nightmare when first all the lights were on red in the middle of Bilbao FOR EVER and we’d decided to risk it and bomb over to the Guggenheim this morning.

THEN! OMFG! There was a horrendous noise in the back of the camper. It sounded like the whole of the van was dragging on the road behind us, and we could SEE the ferry.

Kate was telling me to pull over and I was saying what would I do if we did?

It could have been a flat and we wouldn’t have enough time to fix it. It could have been the exhaust.

I just carried on and hoped we’d reach the ferry.

We did.

I don’t know what it is…

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  • Yer Dad ap

    Aug 31st, 2010

    Maybe its French ‘Gite’ hanging on at the back end?


  • bronny sister

    Sep 1st, 2010

    What was it then?
    Where are you???
    10.34am 1st Sept