Why are we doing this?

Hi, we are the ap Harri family. We consist of Gwyn, Kate, Jac and Dylan. We went on a camper van holiday last year where we bought a scrap VW Bay 1979 Super Viking Transporter Type 2 camper, converted it in 4 weeks and went off round France.

camper in aberdyfi, wales

It packed up just shy of calais, one day before we were catching the ferry back. The AA were brilliant, and got us a car to get back with and recovered our camper to our favourite garage in England.

We got some work done, and got a new pop top, and a propex heater, and went to Wales for a few days, which was quite uneventful.


Well, everyday of at least my life, I have to look at things and try to make them better / faster / simpler. And, I started doing this where ever I went. Now with a camper, there’s only so much you can do isn’t there?

I want us as a family to enjoy the basics in life. To not keep trying to be more and more, well, comfortable.

It’s like in that crap/funny film that I forget the name of, it’s only when we watch children playing that we realise our complete inability to enjoy ourselves.

So, we’ve done a few more mods and we’re off on a European Odyssey, well, France again, but for three weeks.

We’re quite hopeful…