Kensington, the old picture house, Thorne, Doncaster

We are extremely proud to be part of this project which is featured on Grand Designs.

We did all the 1st and 2nd fix electrical work including the audio visual installation. We utilised the HD anywhere system to provide HD TV, Internet, Infra Red remote control and power over one CAT 6 cable to each tv location. We are authorised installers of HD anywhere and can highly recommend their HD distribution systems for problem free viewing.

We also wired their fantastic Cinema room, ready for all the AV kit to be plugged in.

After consultation with Gwyn, we went for an affordable, future-proof approach by sending two CAT 6 wires to each room, back to an AV cupboard in their Cinema.

When it came to lighting, Kate & Gwyn had ideas of what they would like, after a few rough drawings and conversations it was clear these would not be an off the shelf light fitting. Not a problem, we simply sourced the individual components and constructed the fittings on site. Luckily nothing got lost in translation and they love their bespoke lighting.

Wherever we could we used energy saving and long lasting LED lighting.

Gwyn and his family are extremely happy with our work and have already recommended us to their friends.

“Gary is not just an electrician. He thinks about your needs and asks how he would do it if he were you. That’s priceless. He’s always researching new products and the time he spent looking for the right stuff made me know he was the right man for the job.” – Gwyn ap Harri

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