Bidding pt2

Just before I left the auction house, I just thought I may as well register my interest with them. I told them what I would be willing to bid, and surprisingly they were talking to me. Why, when what I was prepared to bid was lower than the highest bid in the auction? It could only be that the auctioneer just pretended that people were bidding.

They rejected my offer of £85k, and even my generously improved offer of £86k and I went home.

Before xmas, the agent rang me, and told me he had received a higher bid than mine. I didn’t believe him, and even if they had, I figured it would be for more than £90k which I wasn’t willing to go over. So I left it, and we had a nice christmas.

Then the agent rang me again in the new year, and he must have forgotten that he’d lied to me about getting a better offer. He asked me if I would give him any more to play with and try and close the deal. I told him that after speaking to my wife, I’d only go 10% over the valuation to £88k.

He told me they wouldn’t even look at a bid less than £90k, but he then said he would waiver their fee that I knew I would have to pay, which was just short of another grand. Would I give him a bid of £90k if he waivered his fee?

I ummed and ahhed, told him of all the risks, but said, go on then, but not a penny more.

I couldn’t believe it when he rang me back a day later saying they’d accepted.

Oh my…

The next day, contracts were swapped and the cinema was ours.

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13 Responses to Bidding pt2

  1. Anais Robinson says:

    wow cant belive it i love the house me and my sister always say wow when we see it. i think its amaizing what youve done to it.

  2. James says:

    I wish agents had more integrity when it comes to property purchases. Unfortunately this is all too common, playing prospective buyers off each other for the highest price. Well done for standing your ground. A bargain at 90k.

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  7. In the 1840s less than 10% of the population went to school moron. You people have no sense of history do you?———–Did the Irish have 50% dropout rates out of high school like the Mexicans have?

  8. http://www./ says:

    Your not alone. I feel like inspiration ebbs and flows. Some weeks I wonder if I’ll EVER be able to think of anything to blog about that’s new and inspired.But just wait — eventually you’ll relax and forget about your mental block. It might not be today or tomorrow. But, one day you’ll be wandering about at the market, and all of a sudden you’ll spy something that makes your creative juices flow again.I’ll be pulling for you!

  9. http://www./ says:

    I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easier!

  10. Siempre suelen hacer cosas de este tipo cuando una saga tiene tirada… sacan libros que hablan sobre la saga, criticandola, exponiendo lo que quiere transmitir, etc., pero en mi opinión sólo es para seguir recaudando gracias a una buena historia. Seguramente si lo leo, lo sacaré de una biblioteca o lo leeré por internet, pero no me lo voy a comprar… I’m sorry!

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  12. http://www./ says:

    J’aime bien Agnès comme tu (pardon, vous) racontez le passé de votre Mémé et de son Guido. Moi qui vous écris, je n’ai aucun souvenir de mes grands-mères à évoquer… disparues trop jeunes, tout usées qu’elles étaient par la vie et les privations. Et ça, voyez-vous, ça me rend triste…

  13. That is like people who purchase property near an airport & then complain about the aircraft. People buy/rent/live in areas based on their income/affordability. If you can only afford a less desirable location, either work harder or quit complaining. You get what you pay for – everyone & I mean EVERYONE has the opportunity to get whatever they want; they just have to be willing to work for it. Handouts are not the American way – even where you live & even with BHo as the Usurper.

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