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Thanks to Ray Pemberton for sending me this snippet from the Thorne Grammar School Magazine Volume 3 number 27, Easter Term 1927.

It will be of particular interest to Old Boys generally, and to those locally resident in particular, to know that the fine, new Picture Theatre and Cafe shortly to be opened at Thorne, is to the design of Frank Turner of Goole (an O.B. of the period 1896-1900), who has also supervised the construction. With a seating accommodation of about  1,000 (about a third of which will be in a commodious “circle” of reinforced concrete), an adequate stage for vaudeville turns, up-to-date arrangements for heating, lighting and ventilation, and containing a spacious well lighted cafe, the building is one which reflects credit of no small degree upon its creator. The general impression of the exterior is substantially combined with a not too ostentatious ornamentation.. We understand the total cost is in the neighbourhood of £14,000.

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  1. Gwyn ap Harri says:

    Just checked some inflation calculators, and depending on which website you look at, £14,000 in 1927 is equivalent to between £627-722,000 !! The Bank of England calculator gives the highest! Doesn’t make me feel so bad now…

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