Our windows are being done by the very talented Ian “the wood” Cappleman, and they look great!

They’ll be stained a dark ebony colour, but they looked great today in their naked form…

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  1. Nick Lindwall says:

    Hi Gwyn, absolutely love what you have done with your home. Just watched the grand designs episode and have been trawling your blog for tips as we are about to commence our own (much smaller!) renovation. Could I ask what wood your windows and doors are made from please? Love all the woodwork in the house, particularly the front door!

    • Gwyn ap Harri says:

      Hi Nick,

      thanks a lot! All our doors and windows etc are made out of the same wood, iroko. It’s a cheap hardwood. It varies greatly in colour from a light pine to an almost ebony colour, but is generally a dark red-orange when lightly stained or oiled. We stained our external windows and doors, but couldn’t do it to the front door because the wood looked so nice!

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